What exactly does the name “Load Heat” mean? “Load Heat” is a term used by tank/armor crewmen to signify the loading of a HEAT round, or “High Explosive Anti-Tank” round, also known as planning on wrecking someone’s day.

LoadHeat.com, however, is about making your day better. We’re here to entertain you with videos, streams, and podcast episodes centered around gaming, technology, gadgets, humor, and life in general.

So why name ourselves Load Heat? Because we are regular dudes who play video games, and nothing says that better than naming ourselves after a giant bullet that’s fired out of an armored mobile cannon powered by explosions and dinosaur bones.

Who Dat Is?


Meet the LoadHEAT crew:




Cav was born on the mean streets of Tuscany, where he learned how to record YouTube videos while breaking legs for collection money.  He enjoys racketeering, extortion, and hot wings.




Will is Cav’s brother, but instead of spending his early days in the land of marinara and chianti, he was born in New York, where he became a numbers runner.  Manipulating tax figures led him to become an expert in Twitch streaming.  His favorite activities are cooking books, busting noses, and playing with animals.




Zad was the first person Cav met when he got off the boat at Ellis Island.  Together, they decided to start recording their antics along with Will.  While Zad was learning the “family business”, he also took an interest in sound and video editing, learning how to tweak the LoadCast to get the ultimate audio fidelity out of each Science Stuff segment.  His preferred pastimes are bootlegging, getaway driving, and vintage pornography.

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