New Year New You New Me New AAAGHGHGHG

We may be an old acquaintance, but don’t be forgot….ting us.  Ok folks, that’s my New Year’s pun for you *gunshot*


But seriously, things have been quiet on the LoadHEAT front for quite sometime, and that’s something we’d like to change in 2017.  We want to get back to our roots, posting content for the teeming masses.  We want to resume the LoadCast, up our YouTube game, and make a valiant return to Twitch streaming.  Will has already picked up the mantle of our Twitch stream (Check out our channel here), streaming his online adventures in EverQuest and League of Legends.


Cav has ideas in the pipeline for more YouTube hilarity, and Zad…well Zad wants to get the podcast back up and running but is also still dealing with the home infestation known as twin children.


In the meantime, for those of you still with us and those who are newcomers, we want to hear what YOU want.

  • Want more podcast episodes to keep you from driving your car off a bridge on the way to work?
  • Want more YouTube videos to watch while at work, where you’re supposed to be doing your job?
  • Want more Twitch streams to watch while you’re home all day because you got fired for watching YouTube videos at work and you drove your car off a bridge so you can’t go anywhere?
  • Do you want more blog entries so you have something to read while pooping?
  • Do you want to play games with us by joining our Steam group?

Or is there some other venture you’d like to see us tackle?  Either way, hit us up in the comments or email us, or harass us on any of the above channels, and let us know.


2017, the year to Load more HEAT

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