One Year of Loadin’ HEAT


Today marks the one year anniversary of!  From our early beginnings years ago as the MuteButton Podcast, where we were using skype recorders and headset mics, to the magnificent piece of multimedia entertainment before you now, LoadHEAT has been a long time in the making.

We started this site mainly to just do a podcast with some dudes talkin’ bout some games.  However, we quickly realized we wanted to do so much more.  Through countless hours of trial and error, and lots of late nights banging our heads against the wall of technology, we have expanded to whole new avenues for us.  YouTube videos, streaming, Let’s Plays, right down to Forrest Gumping our way through making a somewhat passable website, we’ve powered through each challenge and looked for the next one.


It’s been a hell of a year to be sure, but we’re looking forward to 2016.  What goals should we strive for?  What new areas should we explore? Should Zad try to make an Oculus-friendly version of our site, where you will have a complete 360 degree view of his nude body?  Has science gone too far?  Only time will tell.


Anyway, we wanted to thank those of you who’ve stuck around this long, as well as new friends who’ve joined us via twitch or playing online games with us.  You guys give us something to strive for, and we look forward to meeting more and more of you in the coming year.


Thanks again, and remember:  Vote LoadHEAT 2016!

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