Episode 31 – Don’t Call it a Comeback


Actually, please do call it a comeback.  Zad makes his triumphant return, and he and Cav resurrect the dormant LoadCast.  We talk about what we’ve been up to, games, news, Reddit contolled media, and other tinfoil hat conspiracies!

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  • Oh shit, glad to see you guys back

    • LoadHeat

      It’s good to be back, and thanks for listening! Episode 32 just went up today, and has Will coming back from his EQ adventures.

      • On the subject of gaming channels vs general stuff, I’m happy to see you guys are focusing on whatever is entertaining and works for you rather than trying to invest a ton of time into editing gaming stuff.

        I got here from the “old tank games” video posted on one of the tank subreddits but I stayed because of the goofy podcasts.

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