Episode 35 – Board of Education vs Bowl of Chili


In this episode, Cav takes a breather because he thinks he’s too good for us.  Zad and Will discuss the science happenings of the past few weeks, the true origins of Easter, and the fun surrounding the Alex Jones custody battle.

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  • Dr. Jimmothy J. Rustler

    So it turns out I accidentally bookmarked the last episode rather than the loadheat website itself and kept going to that page waiting for a new episode of the podcast to come out wondering if you guys were dead.

  • I made it that far by the way. No interest in being on the podcast though, you guys are funny as fuck by yourselves. Tell cav to stop sucking dick and start being on the podcast.

  • Dr. Jimmothy J. Rustler

    Thanks for not going on hiatus. I missed the episode because I was out of country when it released and then like I explained in my other comment I don’t know how bookmarks work.

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