Episode 38 – Big Game Huntin’


I know this episode is about a week late but until you start clicking that Patreon link I don’t owe you a DAMN THING!

But seriously sorry for the delay.  This episode we are joined by friend of the show Skizzy (who sounds like he called in from a tin can) to talk about Cav’s new license to kill, classic 80s movies, Billy Dee Williams, and more!


EDIT:  Since I’m an idiot and forgot to add, here’s a link to the pregnant Sonic vid in question:


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  • Dr. Jimmothy D Rustler

    You fucks are lucky I browse r/youtubehaiku otherwise I’d be slightly miffed that pregnant sonic vid wasn’t linked.

    • LoadHeat

      Oh snap, you right you right. I posted the vid above for people who aren’t as jacked into the internet as we are.

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