Episode 39 – Hot Dog Rollers and Smart Cars and Trivia and stuff


This week we are joined by Duck, and we talk about Zad gettin lewd at QuikTrip, self diving cars and what they mean for fast food drive thrus, and also get into some trivia.  And we all get reeeeeal dumb about it.

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  • Dr. Jimmothy Rustler

    Did Zad get his dollar from Cav? Please don’t leave us with that kind of cliffhanger.

    As for a suggestion for next podcast: what’s your favorite RPG of all time? I recently picked up The Witcher III for the first time and holy shit is it good. Reminded me about all the other RPGs that I’ve played and loved. Skyrim, Fallout, KOTOR.

    • Zad

      I’m still working on getting a plane ticket and rental car so I can go to Cav’s house and break his legs to get my dollar. It’ll be worth it in the long run for my retirement account.

      And we will definitely discuss some classic RPGs! We all have some fond memories of golden era JRPGs, as well as some more contemporary stuff. And Witcher 3 was a great surprise, I hope you have the Blood & Wine DLC, it’s probably the best thing I played last year.

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