Episode 43 – Zad on the water, Arby’s, and DACA, oh my!


Zad discusses with Duck and Will his upcoming trip to the lake for some debauchery, the restored glory of Arby’s, and the confusion of DACA.  HOT TAKES ABOUND.

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  • Dr. Jimmothy Rustler

    Alright sorry this reply took a little while, I listened to this episode a few days ago but got caught up with stuff and didn’t have time to type this response until now.

    In general, open carrying a sword will probably get you arrested but it varies from state to state. There aren’t many laws specifically mentioning swords but I’d be willing to bet they’d be treated like knives or bladed weapons which means in many cases if your sword is longer than 3-5″ you will probably get in trouble. For example, in Kansas it is legal to open carry knives (but for some reason you can’t possess throwing stars) but not swords/machetes.


    While doing some research on this I ran across some interesting things. Searching “open carry sword” brings up a bunch of recent news articles covering a law change in Texas which allows you to do exactly that and if you go looking for knife laws you will find a weird amount of people with hard-ons for knives.

    I’ve got some topics for your next episode too. Cav and Zad were in the army as 19K (M1 Armor Crewman) and I believe 68W? (Combat Medic). If both of them had the choice to go back in time and change their MOS would they?

    Who would win in the matchup of an Olympic boxer using a rapier against an Olympic fencer using his fists?

    It’s a free for all and you have to fight the other members of the show to the death in a gladiator style arena, what is your melee weapon of choice?

  • Idk why the first comment didnt post/show up for me but TL:don’t want to type again on mobile:

    Probably can’t open carry swords as they would be classified as knives longer than 3-5″ in most places (varies according to state laws) but Texas just changed laws so you can.

    Cav was a 19K and Zad was 68W(I think?) if you both had the chance to go back in time would you switch your MOS assuming you still had to go through the same amount of time in the army? This question can be skipped if that retard is not here again.

    You are in a gladiator match with everyone else on the podcast, what is your melee weapon of choice?

    • LoadHeat

      Looks like since your first comment had a couple links in it, it was flagged by the spam filter that we use to combat dirty Russians. I approved it so now you have 2 comments like some kind of lunatic. And I like those questions, we shall discuss!

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