Episode 45 – The Name’s Blast, Baja Blast


Cav punks out so Zad helps Will celebrate his birthday the only way they know how:  Making more jokes about Russians in space and going in depth on fast food reviews!

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One comment

  • Jimmothy D Rustler

    Yeah those questions were pretty shitty, my bad.

    If we’re adding people on steam my steam tag is pixelsonascreen. Don’t have that many modern games since my PC is closer to a potato battery than a PC but I play what I can.

    Taco Bell is pretty damn good as far as fast food is concerned. I get it really often and I didn’t realize how often until I was cleaning out my car the other week and found like 97$ worth of chicken quesadilla receipts scattered around the center console. No regrets though, those things are great.

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